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AIS Video Testimonials

Mario saved $300/year!

Mario had a ticket on his record and he was paying for it! He called AIS for help and our insurance specialist Alisa found him a new policy that saved him $300/year on his insurance. 

Gina found new discounts

Kindergarten teacher Gina saved $40/month – almost $500/year on her car insurance. AIS Specialist Yuri found new discounts Gina qualified for but didn't previously know about.

Let me tell you why AIS

Eddie had a prior incident with a company car that was impacting her rates on her personal car. She dialed 1-800-777-4AIS and we found her the same coverage for $250 less per month.

Isaiah's speeding tickets raised rates

Being a younger driver with a few speeding tickets made Isaiah’s insurance unaffordable. AIS quickly found him rates $350 less than what he'd been quoted by others.

Wham! A tree hits my Jeep...

Post-accident, Mike's insurance rates jacked up.  Mike likes a good value, as he says: "I'm a cigar maker by trade, and the only thing I like seeing get smoked is my cigars - not my money!

John cut his insurance bill in half

John bought a new car and needed insurance. He shopped online and the rates he found with AIS were "best by half". That's no surprise, drivers throughout the U.S. come to AIS to easily compare rates from top brands.

For my family, that's a huge savings

Marjorie says, “My rep gave me insights I'd never had before. I ended up saving about $100 per month and got more coverage on top of that.

Big savings in less than 10 minutes

Justin was shopping for insurance. The quotes he was getting were too high... until he called AIS. “AIS beat all the others, for the same coverage.”


Join thousands of drivers who've saved with AIS

AIS has been saving people on car and home insurance for over 50 years, it's what we do! Let our Specialists go to work to find better rates and more discounts for you. Get your fast, free car insurance quote today and see how you much savings AIS has waiting for you.

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